Unfading Beauties Inc. is a vision turned reality as of November 2017.  It is a safe haven.  A repair shop  A place to keep it real.  An eye-opener. Unfading Beauties Inc. is Love.  It stems from the refreshing Love of God for one young lady at the time she needed it most. 

Unfading Beauties Inc. is an extension of that love and hope for our younger generations of young ladies.  Unfading Beauties Inc. is the big sister some of us wish we had Unfading Beauties Inc. is the platform all of us need. Sharing our burdens and learning from each other’s lessons. 

We, the executive board at Unfading Beauties Inc., made a commitment much larger than ourselves. We are here to nurture the future mother, scientist, teacher, counselor, etc. We are committed to being the best version of ourselves that we can be by the Grace of God. 

– Unfading Beauties Inc.